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  1. Ok so I randomly found 2 freedom blades 2 labor benches (2o14), and two dragon stone fragments in my chests and i dont need them so i was like "what the heck ill just sell them"

    15k per labor bench

    26k per freedom blade

    2.5k per dragon stone fragment

    If you see anyone asking for any of these items, please direct them to this thread. Thanks!

    All items will be picked up at 11026 on smp5

    Labor Bench
    Labor Bench
    Freedom Blade
    Freedom Blade
    Dragon Stone Fragment
    Dragon Stone Fragment
  2. I'll take both dragon frags
  3. And both labour benches
  4. Money has been paid :)
  5. alright, pick up on smp5 at 11026
  6. How much for a Freedom Blade?
  7. hey, she said it 30k
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  8. Wow I am beyond blind, sorry
  9. Would you consider negotiation on the price of the Freedom Blade.
  10. I actually agree.... freedom blades go for 11k
  11. 11k! Lol don't think so
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  12. Uhh... You might be confused...
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  13. when i first got the freedom blades they sold for about 20k, i dont think the prices dropped xP
    and before people actually responded to the thread i wanted to know that the price for freedom blades are correct, but i think they are correct and if they are then i cant lower the prices of them.
  14. I believe FB's are more about 24-26k
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  15. alrght, ill go with 26k cuz its zeh highest :p
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  16. lol
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  17. a moment ago... :D
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  18. 8 minutes ago.... :p