[SELLING] A Few Promos

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  1. Stable Voucher x2 - 12k each
    Labour Bench 2014 x9 - 11k each
    Maxarian Head x2 - 10k each
    Magical Eggcellent Wand x1 - 10k

    Thread may be updated :)

    Post what item you want and once i receive payment ill mail it to you. :)
  2. ill buy one of the malarian heads
  3. maxarian …sorry
  4. Ok once i receive payment i will mail it to you :)
  5. ok…it'll be later tonight as i can't get on right now …thanks
  6. I'll take x2 labour benches and 1 magical eggcellent wand
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  7. As soon as you pay ill send you the items :)
  8. I will take it all beside for the stable vouchers - only want one head as well.
  9. Read OP some stuff is gone :) Haro paid first so he got it :)
  10. why does that darned haro keep swiping all the promos
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  11. I don't know, why does he? :p
  12. Could I snag one of the max heads? I'm willing to pay 10.5k for one.
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  13. Sure pay and I'll mail it to you tomorrow when I'm back online :)
  14. ok i just wanted to let you know i payed…get me that maxarian head as soon as you can :)
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  15. I'll buy the remaining Max heads. Are there 2 or 1 left?
  16. Huh weird how they were still there when I commented..
  17. Commenting =/= paying ;)
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  18. Well it's kinda hard to pay when I'm at school isn't it....
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  20. Yea so I reserved them in comments, then I obviously would of paid after.... Some people