Selling a few promos

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  1. Post below or PM with offers. :)

    8x Holiday Picks
    2x 2013 New Years Fireworks
    2x Book of colors
    21x Lucky Bows
    7x Cupid Bows
    7x stacks of freedom steak
    36x Eggcellent wands
    1x Dragon poop
    1x Promo Instructions
    4x Krysyyjane heads
    17x Turkey Slicers
    77x netherhound eggs
    12x Maxarian Heads
    1x EMC treasure Voucher
    2x Cake Parkour Voucher
    3x Stable Voucher
    A few of those high numbers aren't typos.
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  2. You are seriously rich. O_O Are the krysyyjane heads just normal krysyyjane9191 heads?
  3. As a person who spent months looking for these items with no luck until a few weeks ago, I am ready to kill you. XD I see you still haven't gotten rid of those Netherhound eggs. How much do those typically go for?
  4. Mr Chance already took most of my promos :p

    They are just normal krysyyjane9191 heads

    30-35k, but I'll go down a bit since I have so many.
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  5. 30k for holiday picks? ( I haven't dealt with them so i don't know if that is reasonable or not)
  6. I'll take a holiday pick for 32,000r
  7. Yes, that's a very good price. Some people sell for far more. :)
  8. daym.. the holy grail of promos xD
  9. Ill take the book of colours for 10k? I have no idea what they are worth :p
    Ill also take one netherhound egg for 20k? Let me know what you think of the prices, I have no idea what either are worth xD
  10. Holiday picks would prolly be at the 43-46k mark.
  11. how much of a nether hound? I have no idea how much they are worth :p
  12. I got one for 50,ooor not to long ago, so it should around the same price...
  13. NOPE!nopenopenopenopenopenopenope!

    so much.. heheh... bye bye rupees lol
  14. So ill change the nether hound to 30k, but what is a book of colours worth?
  15. About how much would you be willing to sell the Promo Instructions and Cupids Bow for?
  16. If you still have a book of Colours Ill take one .. And A few Lucky bows also :D
  17. How much for the Dragon Poop?
  18. How much for the instructions?
  19. I also asked but no one replied yet...
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