[Selling] A few promos

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  1. So guys, I am selling a few promos I had, comment what you would like to buy and your offer in this format:

    Buying: 2 Vault Vouchers
    Offer: 40, 000r

    Thanks guys, here are the items!
    • x3 Vault Vouchers
    • x2 2014 Independence Day Fireworks
    • 1 Used Rudolph Egg
    • 1 2014 Empire Minecraft Birthday Cake
    I will cross them off when they run out of stock. Thanks, hope you get something you want!
  2. Buying: 1 used Rudolph egg
    Offer: 1r
  3. Please do serious offers.
  4. I was serious... 1r is all I have :p
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  5. Oh okay :)
  6. Does that mean that ur gonna sell it to me for 1r?? :D u said ok...
  7. So you're buying vault vouchers for 20k each or selling them for 20k each?
  8. It was an example as if I were you and the price was random-so i'm selling them :p
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  9. 12k each for vault vouchers? I will buy them all if that works.
  10. Hmm, I was expecting 14k at the least, if you can do that its sold?
  11. 13k and I can have it to you by the end of the day.
  12. Deal :) i'm heading to school now, will mail when I get home :)
  13. I have to go my my Grandpas lawn so I will pay when I get back.
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