[Selling] A few promos

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  1. Introduction
    Hello, all! I'm selling promos to raise money
    for the museum that I am making. Enjoy!
    Either private message me on the site
    or purchase these at /v 8961 on SMP4.
    Currently Selling:
    Maxarian Head (10k)
    Dragon Stone (22.5k)
  2. I'll buy the Haunted Head please :)

    EDIT: Purchased, thanks!
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  3. Hash, keep in mind that vault pages cost 10k, and vault vouchers are essentially a free vault page.
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  4. Will do, I'll lower the price. Thanks for the heads up. :)
  5. I'll take all 3 vault vouchers. I've sent payment, along with the mail fee. :)
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  6. Thanks! :D
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  7. You're welcome for the suggestion :p
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  8. Hey ,
    Is the Maxarian Head still up for sale?
  9. Bump, list updated.
  10. Bump. Maxarian Head is for sale again. Nobody wants that Ore Buster? :p EDIT: Ore Buster sold.
  11. Bump-a-rump-a-ding-dong.
  12. How much for the ore buster?
  13. Sorry, it's been sold. That's why it's no longer on the list. :)
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  14. Stable Voucher sold, Dragon Stone added, Maxarian Head price reduced. :) Buy some stuff! :D
  15. I'll buy both the Dragon Stone and the Maxarian Head for 32.5k! :)
  16. Mailed, please pay as soon as possible. :)
  17. Will do! I'll pay within 12 hours from this post!
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