Selling a few promo's!

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  1. Decided to clean out my chest and sold some already but this is what i have left!

    1x Marlix bow - 45k
    1x haunted head- 20k
    1x 2013 labor bench- 20k
    2x Maxarian heads- 13k each
    2x lucky bow - 22k each
    1x cupid bow - 14k
    3x 2013 newyears firework - 16k each
    3 2x magical eggcellent wand- 12k each
    1 full set of the OLD starter gear unused! - 20k
    1 full set of the new starter gear including horse unused - 15k
    1 vault voucher - 11k

    Pretty firm on prices.
    Pickups will be through access chests on 3592 after confirmation =)
  2. I would like the haunted head and the vaultvoucher please.
  3. I'll take a egg wand
  4. access chest will be setup on payment
  5. Can u mail mine I can't actually log on using pc or laptop at but I can pay thr u minechat
  6. I'll buy the labor bench.
  7. I shall take both of the Lucky Bows for 44k, I will pay right away, please mail the items to me :)

    If someone else has happened to buy one in this time, just pay me back the monies needed.

  8. Thanks fdny21....
    bradox11 i sent the want please pay the agreed 12k
    Todd setting u up a access chest pay when you grab =)
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  9. I will buy a eggcellent wand for 12k
  10. Due to vista sucks... My computer is undergoing repairs. I expect to be back by the 1st. Ill update and sell here as soon as its done based on the order yall are msging me in :)