[SELLING] A few items

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  1. Item: Marlix bow - 2x
    1 Marlix bow - 85k
    1 marlix bow- trade for marlix chest/legs/helmet/momentus Toothpick

    Item: Dragonstone 2x
    price: 10k each.

    Item: Dragonstone Fragments 3x
    price: 1.2k each

    Item: Taste The Freedom Steak 2x
    Price: 1k each

    Let me know! :D
  2. I think I got the leggings, will check for yah
  3. That would be great! :D
  4. 1 Marlix bow is sold.
  5. I'll trade a helmet for a bow
  6. That would be great! Im atm online at SMP6 ! If you are online we could trade right now?
  7. Added two items!

  8. I set up an access chest for you in the auction area of /v 5555 on utopia with the Marlix Helmet inside. Go ahead and swap the helmet and bow at your leisure.
  9. I will do it when im online, I let you know when I swapped it!
  10. I swapped the items, thanks alot mr_poof_ !
  11. Prices changed !