[SELLING] A few items!

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  1. Hi Empire! :)
    Im selling the following items:
    1 DC Sandstone for 3.7k
    1 SC Lapis Lazuli ( Blue Dye ) for 15.5k.
    14 Silk touch I Enchanted books for 11k.
    SC Leather for 12k
    13 stacks Mossy stone Bricks for 11k
    5 stacks Cracked stone bricks for 4k
    48 stacks Cactus for 1.5k

    Pickup place:
    /v 12756 - SMP6
  2. I'll take the lapis for 15.5k :)
  3. Tisso123 after my dinner and your payment i will set up a access sign!
  4. I'll pay right now :)
  5. Tisso, I placed the access sign for you on my second Residence!
    /v 12756

    Thanks for the payment!
  6. Ill take the saddles. All of them. HAHAHA I will rule the Empire with my Saddles Of Justice™.
  7. Dont use the saddles for persons please Gearmaster09 D:, but I will set up a access sign for you at my second residence! /v 12756
  8. And please don't tell me how to take over EMC.
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