[SELLING] A few different items :)

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  1. I am selling the following at the following price but the prices ARE negotiable :):

    • Multiple DC of Ender Pearls- 600r per DC (about 6 in stock)
    • 18 Stacks of Leather- 11500r (a little under 10r per)
    • Ice (orderable at 3456r per SC)
    • Fire Resistance 8:00 duration potions- 900r per DC
    • Zombie Heads- 750r each (9 in stock)
    • 13 stacks of sticky pistons- 23296r (28r per piston)
    If you want anything in here, just PM me on site or in game and we can work out prices.
    All items are deliverable for an additional 100r.
  2. Stew, what about an SC of the fire resistance? I could use some of them, but I don't need a full DC right now.
  3. sure, pay 450r and a chest will be set up.
  4. Ok, I can't get on right now but I will be on Smp2 tomorrow morning EST. Is that time ok, and what server will the chest be on after I've paid you?
  5. utopia and yes that is fine
  6. added sticky pistons
  7. Plerz Can I order of DC of enderpearlies :3
  8. Yea, ill set up chest now-
    5136 Utopia *auction pickup telepad*
  9. Thanks, will pay now, is it alright if I take a few ddays to pick up? Just mah Crappy laptop of apple crappiness died :/
  10. that is fine
  11. Bump!
    If anything is ordered 7/10-7/17 I will be on vacation, so your order will not be completed until my return.