Selling A double Chest Of Disks!

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  1. It has evey disk but 11.
    The price is 3.5k
    DO not screw me around.
  2. Would i ever screw u around
  3. are u buying it?
  4. maybe when i reach 50K
  5. wait so 3,500 r for a double chest filled with music disks if so i think ill buy
  6. 5000r all in(all I got) :D
  7. SORRY ILL BET 3750
  8. kk Beau199 won at 4k
  10. I'll pay tomorrow leave the chest at ur lot:D
  11. kk c u online!
  12. I'll get on now, ae you on!
  13. wow wait a sec that seemed to turn into an acution... not u just selling something
  14. besides i would have payed 5000 for it
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  15. Hahaha. That's why you should let an auction run for longer. I would have gone to 10,000r for it just to save me the hassle of teasing those Creepers into the firing line.
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  16. yea but auctions arent allowed unless its an enchanted item...
  17. If you ever want to pay 10k for some discs, you know where to find me!
  18. What about if it's enchanting music?

    ........... :D
  19. Enchanted music lol
    u wish