Selling A double Chest Of Disks:D

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  1. Beau1999

    * Starting bid: 5000R
    * Minimum bid increment: 50R
    * Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid
    * I can set up a chest for you or bring it to your lot. (Im on smp4)
    * Non-payment will exclude you from future auctions
    *I would prefer serious bidding as opposed to messing around with me
    * Rupees or a lot of diamonds only!
    Note: There is a reverve price
    Bidding begins now.

    Happy Bidding
  2. 2 things
    1 wat r the discs?
    2 i dont know id discs r considered An item avaliable for auction
  3. Ur on iPad too thats só funy me too
  4. But too me it keeps correcting to portuguese
  5. And u havent said wat r the discs
  6. Y delete them?
  7. All exept 11:D
  8. Oh man... Thats my favourite
  9. Sorry Beau1999 but auctions are restricted to enchanted items only, as said here in the auction rules and guidelines.
  10. But it's rare?
  11. music discs are not one of the specified rare items that can be auctioned off. (the only real exception I know of is the Ender Dragon Egg). Sorry.
  12. Damm, ok>:O