Selling a Chest of Misc. Music Discs

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  1. I have another single chest of music discs that needs to stop taking up space. Make me an offer :D
  2. O sorry ignore me >.< i'm an idiot lol
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  3. I'm willing to sell these discs for a deeply discounted rate -- don't be shy about making an offer. Really, I want them out of here...
  4. You say you have a chest of music discs but there are different discs and some are worth more than others, could you please say which types of music discs you have. For all we know it could be full of just those broken discs that don't work please be specific which discs you have and how many.
  5. I've never heard of broken discs that don't work, sorry. Please explain? If I wanted to take the time to go through them all and catalog them, I might as well just sell them individually myself. I haven't had any complaints, so I'm assuming my discs all work. I can tell you that I'm selling single chests full (that's 27) of miscellaneous music discs, but I guess that's no more info than I put in the title...
  6. Do I win? Lol..
  7. All my discs are spoken for. When I get more, I'll start another thread. Thanks :)
  8. sooo, you just admitted to stealing in the wild then?
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  9. I think he did! Where is the ban hammer?!
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  10. USE YOUR HEAD!, stealing is griefing!
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  11. Word. I bet if it was his stuff he'd see it your way.
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  12. empire sells disks cheaper lol
  13. you just admitted to griefing.. just so you know. If i were you i would return the discs where you found them. This is a very very heavy warning... because you should be banned, but I will give you this opportunity to return them.
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  14. I think you shouldn't ban him, because he is honest :D
  15. I apologize, I did not know it was against Empire policy, if I did, I would not have posted that I found a chest, eh?
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