Selling a bunch of items (SMP9 - 18772)

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  1. Greetings, I have a small shop on smp9 (18772 or /v +insane) with a variety of items I am selling... I am also purchasing skeleton heads for 150r apiece for a project I am working on... Please do not complain about pricing on this thread (send me a PM)... If you would also like to donate your player head in my shop, I will put it up in my Hall of Skulls, and send u 200r next time I am online...

    Some of the items I am selling (will update as stock runs out):
    Beacons (2) - 9k apiece
    Glowstone (1 DC) - Currently being auctioned - check forums
    XP Bottles 7 stacks) - 4 for 40r
    Emeralds (4 stacks) - 1 for 25r
    Saddles (35) - 150r apiece
    Silk Touch Books (26) - 600r apiece
    Unbreaking III/Power III Bow (27) - 400r apiece
    Smooth Stone (30 Stacks) - 64 for 30r
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  2. Bumpasaurus Rex :eek:
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