[SELLING] A bunch o' Promos and vouchers

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  1. Hey everyone! I thought I would sell of a few of my promos and vouchers :)

    The list:

    Love potion no.9 (x3) currently only accepting offers

    ESCD (Emergency Snow Clearing Device) - 60k (x5)

    Labour bench 2014-30k (x1)

    Cupid's Bow- 25k (x8)

    Cupid Bundle- 65k (x3)

    Vault Vouchers- 8k (x2)

    Stable Vouchers- 5k (x7)

    Feast for a king -27k (x9)

    Spooky egg 45k (x1)

    Pot of Gold (x10) -30k

    And also a variety of voters tools, the price depends on the tool and material variant. Please make offers for these, as there is no set price.

    I am willing to negotiate on all items through PM's

    -Items will be Mailed once Payment has been received, thanks :)
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  2. 15k for Magic Egcellent Wand
  3. That's a little low, sorry
  4. Forgot to say, trades are also accepted if it is a reasonable offer. :)
  5. Dead would you swap escd's for 2 ham hackers?
  6. What would be your offer? Do I provide the ESCD's or hamhackers? Also what conversion rate was you looking for? :)
  7. 2 for 2 and you provide the escd's
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  8. Okay sure, I will mail mine over in a little while, unless you want to arrange an exchange :)
    -EDIT: Sent, you can drop your ham hackers off at 17070 or through the mail :)
  9. Vault Vouchers (x6)- 13k Each
    Stable Vouchers (x6) - 12k Each
    2013 Haunted Head- 35k (x1)

    Will buy all of this stuff, total: 185k
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  10. Okay thanks sam! I will mail it asap. Just logging on now :) -EDIT: Sent and awaiting payment :)

    -OP Updated with all items still available :)
  11. Would you be able to do 65 on the holiday pick?
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  12. Hmm, I might be able to do 70k :)
  13. I'll take:

    Magical Egcellent Wand - 25k
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  14. Okay, item has been sent and awaiting payment :)
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  15. Paid :D
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  16. ESCD and Ham Hacker for 70k?
  17. Maybe for a little higher :)
  18. Ok 73k then?
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  19. Okay :) Items sent, awaiting payment :D