Selling a amazing base with 3 grinders

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  1. I am selling a amazing base in the wild that has 3 grinders. The base has 8 5x7x2 rooms. There are stairs that take you underground and to the grinders. There are 2 zombie grinders and 1 spider grinder.

    This zombie grinder is super fast, I got 40 zombies to spawn in 1 minute

    This is the second zombie grinder, it is slower because it has a elevator then a drop (angle is to show its different from the other grinder)

    This is the cave spider spawner, I just got it to spawn 50 spiders in a minute.

    All the grinders drop the mobs and leave them with 1/2 a heart for a easy kill.

    The price for the base and all of the grinders is 25,000r or best offer.
  2. You can sell bases now? OMG! *goes and makes dirt house* Im selling my base made out of ENTIRELY diamond blocks! Its a MANSION! 500k please. :)
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  3. ill pay 40k for the base.
    EDIT:Actually, ill pay 30k for it. Ill raise higher if anyone tries to beat me ;)
  4. Selling bases arent allowed, but consider me selling 3 grinders with a base as a bonus.
  5. Can i buy it for 30k?
  6. Sold to IPWNCreeps
  7. Darn. I wanted that.
  8. How on earth do you get 40 zombies in 1 minute? Thats insane!
  9. I seriously do not know! The fast zombie is farther from the other spawners, so that might have something to do with it.