[Selling] a 3x & a 2x Spawner

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  1. Ya so Im selling a triple and a double spawner, (there right next to each other, but not a 5x spawner)
    The Triple is a Spider, Zombie, Zombie.
    The Double is a Spider and Skeleton.

    Please make me an offer if you want it! I'd like at least 35k.
  2. Uhh Why are you bumping this? lawlz..
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  3. Which smp?
  4. how far is the 3x and the 2x away
  5. Not very far. 1k blocks.
    Also, I have your double skeleton spawner on smp8
  6. Dont ask why i bumbed this :D
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  7. PeyPey stop, Bumping like that is against the rules.
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  8. Is this sold?
  9. Why do you care? Your banned so you can't get them :p
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  10. why he banned?
  11. X-ray hacks
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  12. Before you post something like this why not take ONE second and see that he posted that last month.
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    Sorry biscuit I just saw it was active and he HAD been making posts after he had been banned
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  14. This was sold a long time ago. If we start posting on this thread, I will ask a mod to take it down.
  15. Ok no prob. Sorry for being harsh.
  16. how did they find that
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  17. He was finally banned, he was always breaking the rules. Thats all you need to know.
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