[Selling] 9 Stacks of Snow Blocks - Now Accepting Offers!

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  1. EDIT: Offer closed! Snow is being bought!
  2. I lowered it greatly, but I'm not going to have someone pay less than 1r for each block. It took time to gather them. I'd appreciate more than that, especially from a diamond supporter.
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  3. 2 each, which is 1152r
  4. Too lazy to haggle. OFFER ACCEPTED!

    Come to res 16289 on SMP8 and I'll have a door only you can access with the chest to buy from behind it. I may not be able to hang around for a long time and I don't wanna miss you. Thanks! :D

    Edit: Hold up, what's your IGN?
  5. It's probably Herbrin3 :0
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  6. XD Yeah, just wanna make sure. I'll go ahead and put that then. :p
  7. Thanks, that worked. Thanks. Got it.
  8. No problem at all, thanks for buying. :p