[Selling] 9 Double Chests of Horse Eggs

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  1. I have 9 double chests of horse eggs with speed between 100 and 115. Jump and health stats are various, but I know at least half have 70+ jump and 20+ speed on the same horse. Many have as high as 87 jump or 27 health. Could be useful for breeding, but if you're just looking for leather, they're also useful for that. I will sell the whole thing for 15k, which is about 30r per horse I believe.
  2. Can I buy just a couple DC's? (Just want to stock my shop for newbies wanting a good horse)

    PS. How much leather does a horse drop? :)
  3. Yes, just tell me how many DC's you want. They drop one leather, but if you have looting III, they usually drop two, maybe more.
  4. I'd like 2 DC's please. can you deliver them? I'm real busy all over the place these days. I can setup access chests at 10022 smp5
  5. I'll take rest of the DC's for 10k
  6. NZScruffy, that will be 2808 for those two DC's. deadly_god, deal. 7 DC's for 10k. deadly_god, you want me to set up access chests at my res? (Smp1, res 914)
  7. NZScruffy, I went to smp5 to deliver, but for some reason, even though you put up access signs, it said I needed container flag. I think the signs might need to be on the front of the chest or something. o_o Let me know and I will try again.
  8. I think I could buy some horses to start off my horse ranch :3
    Think I could have a DC or two?
  9. Brickstrike, if you're planning to breed, I probably have some better horses you can use for a higher price. They're between 118-125, and I usually sell them by speed at 914. o_o
  10. Meh. :3 I think I will try my luck >_<
  11. I'm sorry. :x I already promised those DC's to deadly god. But you should at least buy two 120+ horses to start your ranch out right, even if you don't buy them from me.
  12. Yeah, what's your plot again?
    I'll pay you.
  13. Oh, the stacked chests can be confusing.

    The chest you have access to is 'below' the sign. not the one the sign is on. sorry. And i'll pay now.
  14. And the horses are all sold. :)