[Selling] 8 stacks of SLIMY BALLS

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  1. Yes, yes I know, that title was a pretty gross double entendre.

    But i have 8 stacks of slime balls safely stored in my ender chest, ready for purchase.

    I am asking for 7600r, just under 15r per slime ball. If you have an offer, feel free, but I'm not going to go much lower.

    If anyone offers 7599, I will never let you buy anything from me again. Ever.

    So feel free to take this now for 7600, or make some offers.

    On entirely different note, please PM me if you're REALLY insanely good at making skins. I have a new idea I want done.
  2. Hmm This seems like a good deal but i'll have to talk with bucky on this one but since we are already talking
    I can make you a custom intro (coming tomorrow) for 101r or for 1r a template intro which are still good in C4D. (Search for Jeanzl2000 intro making service)

    But since I don't wanna hijackk the thread I just think that 7,600r is a lot for 8 stacks. I know they are like 15r each but malls need to make a profit and if we sell them for like 20-30r each i know we will make a profit of like 8k but it will take some time. Oh on the other hand we do need some for 407 (the casino) which is right behind 509 (our mall) so I guess we will take at least 1 stack to be delivered to 509.
  3. Alrighty. I'll see if I can reserve at least 1 stack for you. Unfortunately, its not an intro that I need, I'm looking for a skin.
  4. I know but if you ever need one :p
  5. Any other takers?
  6. i have left you a private message