[Selling] 8 Stacks of Lapiz

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  1. Hey everyone! A quick thing I just realized this morning, I have lots of unused lapis dye. What I mean by a lot is 8 stacks, but if anyone needs it, I'll give it to you for a cheap price, I don't consider lapis of much value. I can't get on right now, but if anyone is interested I assure you that I will get it to you tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
  2. I really need it badly. Would you please please please pleaaaasseee PM with details if you can?

    It's late here for me ATM so maybe tmr I can talk. (Late - Midnight)

    Thanks man,
  3. Uhm I'll buy it lol. How much?
  4. EDIT: Sorry everyone, I just realized I messed up, I only have 4 stacks.
  5. Alright how much..
  6. So is it a Deal?
  7. Hello.. How much do you want for it I'm interested.
  8. Sorry I've been late guys, an unexpected issue came up. Minner, it's a deal for 100 r. When can you pick it up, tomorrow is the best time since I can't get on right now.
  9. I can pay 250r :)
  10. Alright, 250 sounds good.
  11. Ok leave me an access chest I can't get on till tomorrow so I'll pay and pickup tomorrow :)
  12. Ok cool, I wasn't gonna be able to get on until tomorrow either, my laptop's having issues right now. :p
  13. Alright I'll check for an access chest on your res tomorrow :)
  14. Chest is set up. :) Please pay the 250 first though.
  15. Can you please pay sometime in the near future? I don't know if you've picked up the lapis yet, I won't be able to know until Friday either.
  16. 260r is what ill pay
  17. 500r is wat i pay man
  18. For 4 stacks