Selling 65 Diamond Blocks

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  1. You read the title. Im selling 65 diamond blocks

    Each block is 450r.
    total of: 29,250 rupees.

    PM me on smp4 or post if yu want to buy them. First come gets them.
  2. dang i can't but it :(
  3. Wow, so tempting.. but the price isn't really low enough for me to find this a good investment :/
  4. Sold just now to wolfy82
  5. how much diamonds is that???
  6. It's over 9000! Lol jk it's 585 diamonds
  7. OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS alot OF diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Over 9000!
    Over 9MILLION xD wow, did he buy ALL of the diamonds or just a few blocks?!?!?!And how did u get so many?
  9. Smh crickdawg " it's over 9000" is reference to DBZ lol
  10. he bought all 65 diamond blocks.

    I collect diamonds over time. I usually sell about 40-60 blocks every 2 weeks.
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  11. One word= Nice:cool: