.::SELLING::. 63 Oak Saplings

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  1. So, I accidently bought a stack of Oak Saplings.
    I'll be selling them for 1,728 rupees. Anybody want/need them? It'll bring in a great amount of wood for your shop, or for you.
  2. What is that per sapling?
  3. 27.42857142857143r each.
  4. On what server are oak saplings 27r a piece?
  5. 27r.

    I bought them from the Empire Shop, simply because the players online at the time were un-cooperative and don't like to talk to me because i'm 'annoying'. They think i'm annoying because I tell people to stop spamming, watch caps, try and stop them from breaking the rules.

    I once received a message that read:
    "Stop thinking you're a moderator. You're not and you shouldn't be, you annoying retard"
  6. Report them and say "I'm not acting like a moderator, I just like to have a clean chat and enjoy the time I play, Which children like you ruin."
  7. Burn him back! Burn him back!
  8. I think the reasonable thing to do to get your money back is to turn those saplings into logs and sell them. If you're inclined to sell them to me, I'll supply you with bones for bone meal.
  9. To be blunt, that is way, way too much for them.

    If you had asked me, I would have sold you a stack for like 10r, by the way.

    Pab10S has the right idea if you want to recompense some of your money.