Selling 60k Items 10,000r Each!

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  1. I have 60k items for sale. I have 17 1/3 DC of dirt, which would be 60k items total. I am selling these for a modest 10,000r each. Message me if interested.

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  2. Well....
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  3. This hurts me
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  4. lol
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  5. I love it
  6. This is the most cruel thing ever and you should suffer for lots of things because of this post and I... No.
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  7. 10,000 r for one piece of dirt? :eek: To expensive for my taste. :confused:
  8. Tempting. I may be interested... Hard to pass up such a bargain.
  9. *starts studying cobble generators to trap haro the next time he is afking at my guard farm*
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  10. oh dear
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