[Selling] 6 Stacks Birch Wood!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to sell something! I'm selling 6 stacks of birch wood! Down below is the information if you'd like to purchase this!!

    NOTICE: HelloKittyRo is no longer selling these items.

  2. People who bought stacks:
  3. i recommend lowering the last 2 prices to 800 as a maximum
  4. Uhm, your pricing is a bit weird. I see that you offer a bulk discount for the few stacks but then it kinda gets weird.
    So it seems that you offer a lesser price per stack for the first 4 stacks, which is all fine and good, but as you buy 5 or more stacks you're actually charged a significantly higher amount per stack you buy, which doesn't make sense.
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