[Selling] 5x + 4x Grinder

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  1. 400K is a damn lot of money :S
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  2. I'm pretty sure it is worth that if not more.
  3. the dual skelly plus dual spider. what SMP? or (preferrably) utopia?
  4. It was in the OP. :p
  5. oh oops. sorry! btw, can i just buy the second one? if so how much for just the second one
  6. If I sold just one, you'd have the other?
    They are not that far apart. There is like a pathway.
  7. aww crap. i dont have even close to 400k. :(
  8. The sad thing is. I don't think a lot of people have that kind of money to spend. I posted this to let people know I was selling it. Maybe they can save up or something.
  9. Oh, and I know it's rally rare with 4 and 5x spawners, but cave spiders rlly devalue it I think, because a lot I ppl don't like cave spiders. And it's 3k for u to fix my triple zombie, right?
  10. But yes, I will most likely save up for it and make u an offer if I get close
  11. Yeah, I think that if it wasn't cave spiders it would be worth tons more.
    And I will fix your zombie when I am off vacation. haha
  12. I would give like 500k if it was 4x Zombie or 4x Skeleton xD
  13. Just a 4x zombie? I have think I know someone who is selling one.
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  14. Well, I'll try to save up and wait for your next big gem :)
  15. Err.. Well When I find something better than I have now.. :p
  16. Oh that sounds great :) SPEAK ! :)
  17. Bump.
    Haha, You'd think this would have been sold by now. xD
  18. Dropping the price to <200k.
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  19. I'll do 150k.