[Selling] 5 stacks of Blaze Rods!

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  1. So, I have a Blaze farm in the SMP9 wild, and along with the XP come Blaze Rods, and lots of 'em. So, since I have no use for them, I need somebody to take them off my hands. I will sell each Blaze Rod for about 17r each, so it is a grand total of around 6500 rupees. Thanks!

    NOTE: It is actually 6 stacks of Blaze Rods. I miscounted, plus did some additional killing.
  2. Someone might buy for that price, but I think its a little steep. A lot of stores sell blaze rods for 15r a piece, and if you want to sell in bulk, you might have to bring it down a bit more.
  3. Ah. I know on SMP2 AlexChance's big mall sells them for 20 a piece. Lowering price to 17.
  4. It's annoying that your avatar is the invisible man. Have you been using an invisible skin?
  5. If you can get them down to 16r each I'll come and buy them now. :)
    EDIT: change the now to in 1/2 an hour. I need to go and eat.
  6. Well, Jack, you have to give me the 5 minutes to carry the stacks from the farm to spawn unless you know a way to fore glitch yourself to the top of the Nether above bedrock.
  7. I don't know how to glitch on top, sorry :/ What server/res should I pick up from?
  8. Well...I have to find an open res on SMP9 where I have all of the stuff. What is the price then with it at 16r each?

    Also, I need the coords of the Nether spawn, I'd prefer to stay hidden on the live map.
  9. 16r each x 6 stacks = 6144 :)
    I'm in the middle of nowhere in the wild on SMP9, I'll be as quick as possible.
  10. Thats fine, as long as you make it 6150 for travel fees ;)
  11. OK :)
  12. i was gonna buy...
  13. I'm not going to take his buyings cause it's mean. He just beat me to this :3
  14. You sir, are a respectable man. If you with however, you may override my offer with 17r per :)
  15. At SMP9 town now :) Just waiting for you 333kirby.
  16. Well, I would be heading out but I dont know the coordinates, my computer is too slow to run live map, and my computer shut down so I am waiting for Minecraft to open.