Selling 5 Diamond Blocks Cheap!

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  1. I am selling 5 diamond blocks cheap! The blocks are being sold together as a package.

    Where: Res 8027 on Smp4

    Price: 2000r! Thats 44r per diamond, a true steal because the average diamond sells for 52r.

    When: NOW!
  2. (Average diamond actually sells for 46-48)
  3. well my bad, but I already sold them.
  4. Yeah, to me. :p
  5. rob how many diamonds do u have
  6. Erm, not many.
  7. i keep seeing u buy diamonds on threads
  8. :D
  9. I have 165 diamond Blocks!
  10. I have 464.
  11. Want more? Come to 10222.
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  12. Maybeh. :D
  13. Okay few problems..

    1. Those are 46.5r per, and I pay 44 per for mine
    2. I don't have 60k (11707r)
    3. Can I pay in cake?
  14. 1) Ok
    2) :(
    3) You would need ALOT of cake
  15. I'll pm you in game.
  16. Like 9001 stacks
  17. PM lolcod on smp5. (Me)