[ SELLING ] 5 DC's of Bones

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  1. Could be useful if you own a tree farm ;)

    I'm selling each DC for 3,456r (1r per bone)

    Please comment if you want one, I'll let you know where you could pick up :)
  2. Bump! 4 left!
  3. ill take one :)
  4. Alright, the bones are at 18183 on smp9, I'll go over and give you access to a chest :)
    (it's set up just outside the dome)
  5. ill take 2 if u still have
  6. Chest have been set up at 18183 on smp9 (just outside the dome). Please pay before you pick up :)
  7. I'll pay once I sign in again thank you :)
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