Selling 5 cave spider spawners!!!

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  1. Hey guys, I have been caving alot on smp7 and have found 5 cave spider spawners. I cannot sell them individually at this stage because they are all in the same mineshaft. They are maybe 1-2k from spawn. No one had been there though. If you want you buy it, it will cost 20k for the 5. its a pretty cheap price. 2 of them I reckon could be made to a dual spider grinder as well. The other 3 are spread out. So if you want to buy either PM me or post below. 20k. And after payment is recieved I will pm you the co-oords for them all.
  2. I am lowering the price from 20k - 15k.
  3. Bump! Price lowered to 13k Common guys
  4. Would you drop to 10k? I know it's not much, but I'm on a tight budget right now
  5. Just putting my 2 Cents in here, but I'd take the 10k and run, you probably won't get many takers for a un-modified cave spider spawner set because nobody wants to deal with them...
  6. also people are less then likely to pay more then 10k for a location (which is really all you are selling) that they are going to have to put work into anyways. maybe if you included the proximity of the spawners (and they are like within 10 blocks of one another) and some ancillary info but otherwise i would suggest what tom said
  7. Also, you cannot sell the spawners themselves, only the coordinates. And while this type of transaction is permitted, it is not encouraged by EMC staff.
  8. Price lowered to 10k
  9. Sold, emove post please. Didnt know I had 2 xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.