Selling 4302 Enderpearls!

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  1. I am selling off my lot of ender pearls finally!

    I am selling 5 double chests or 4,302 enderpearls.

    I am deciding to sell them at 11r a piece, so therefore a total of 45,000r!

    I am NOT selling them individually, all or nothing.

    Payment MUST be given before you recieve the goods, which will be distributed from a player only chest on my residence.

    Any Takers?
  2. got a enderman grinder?
  3. Maybe Not, Maybe.
  4. How cam u have an Enders man grinder?
  5. Fail. Just...

  6. Nobody want's to buy?
  7. I would, but I spent 50k on a blaze trap recently so I have no R.
  8. this is smart, there is no end livemap and if he has access to a near portal its easy to go and come...
  9. Wait what? Can i be in the END without people seeing me in the livemap?
  10. yes
  11. Wow, i did not know that.
  12. Really People....
  13. If you would sell a small chest, then i'd buy. But i am not paying 47k rupees for that many.
  14. Dropped price over 2k down to 45k even...
  15. lols.

    You have a better chance at selling if u sell in smaller amounts. And btw, ender pearls are, at max, 15r. min 10r
  16. Look, don't bump this bro, it's easy: Why would people would buy that bunch of ender pearls?
    Maybe consider contacting leowaste, alexchance, oleyy, belugh or any other shop master if you want fast cash for them.
    The only actual use to ender pearls: Teleport fast (which is almost the same as kill yourself fast) idk why i would like to teleport 4302 times.
    EDIT: I just realized I bumped this.
  17. If you have featherfalling, its a fast way of travel. But really, he should be selling them in smaller amounts. You'll get a lot more buyers if you don't force them to spend thousands of rupees they don't have on 5 double chests of an item you only need a few stacks of.
  18. Exactly.
  19. I would buy 2 stacks (32 pearls) for 1000r.
    No More. No Less