[SELLING] 4 Max Books 10k/ea

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  1. Got 6 Max books, 10k each and Im selling 4 of them for the same price I got em for.
    Here is the picture:
    Just PM me to buy them.
  2. How did you get so many? :eek:
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  3. Stew the world may never know..
  4. She set up an unlimited sell chest, needless to say I bought all of them I could and regret it now... :p
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  5. Still selling :p
  6. Forgot to mention the books are 5 pages full of derpyness :p
  7. Still selling.... If someone buys all four I will make them 9.5k each.
  8. I'll buy one
  9. Pay 10k and gimme an access chest on your res, If you are on smp1 or smp3 please give me a smp # I can put it on (5,2, or Utopia)
  10. paid
  11. Delivered :D

    3 books still for sale! :p
  12. What do they say? :p
  13. If I told you that, what would the point of buying one be? :p
  14. Lol thats true
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