[Selling] 4 DC's of Horses!

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  1. Hey guys. :) I'm selling 4 DC's of horses with speeds 100-115. Most jump and health stats are good, since they were bred with rudolphs. Or if you just want leather, they're good for that. I'm asking 6500r for all 4 DC's.
  2. Would you accept partial payment right now?
  3. Cchiarell, if you want to buy them, I'll just reserve them until you have all the rupees, if you want.
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  4. That'd be fine with me. Are you flexible with prices, if I have my money by this weekend?
  5. I can negotiate a little. xP I'm going to bed now and won't be on till later tomorrow, just so you know.
  6. Question: Are the colors of the horses all set in stone? I don't know much about breeding and eggifying horses. Do they change color each time you eggify and spawn? Or are their colors kept with the eggifying?
  7. Colours stay the same when you eggify
  8. Would you go 6000?
  9. 6000 is fine
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  10. How much for 1 DC, 1625?

    If so then Deal
  11. Do you still have the horses?
  12. :p I asked first
  13. No you didn't.
  14. Art! You could've just sent them my way ;) Any extra I'll buy.
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  15. You still have them reserved, correct? :)
  16. Chizmaro, I have some pretty good ones that you could buy, I just wanted to get rid of the low speed ones first. No worries Cchiarell, they're still yours whenever you come up with 6000. Chizmaro, come to my res whenever you're on and I'll show you what I got xP I've got more than 3 double chests of 120+ speed horses, 2-3 DC's of 118-119, and 2-3 DC's of 116-117
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  17. I'll be on tomorrow afternoon, we'll discuss prices
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