[SELLING] 4 beacons @ 16750rp ea

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  1. Selling 4 individual beacons, first post or PM first serve!
    Will advise of quanties as they are sold. Delivery or pickup available upon payment (or next login).

    4 x beacons
    16750rp ea
  2. id like to purchase 1 beacon thanks
  3. 3 beacons left!

    Send pay tonight and ill deliver shortly Budda!
  4. Set you up a chest at 10410 budda. Thanks again!
    The remainder were sold via PM. Restock of 4 ready by 8 a.m est will reply to PMs and posts.

    Thanks all,
  5. 4 more in stock for the same pricing. PM or post first come first serve!
  6. ill take all 4
  7. Hey Green, you posted at the exact time a PM was sent as well! So I'll gladly fill both orders! Send over a payment and pickup will be arranged!

    Thanks again. Will advise when more in stock.