Selling 306 Diamond Blocks

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  1. I have 306 diamond blocks for sale.

    Price per diamond block is 423R. Total price for all blocks is 129,438R.

    Please post if you want any.
  2. my question is how did you happen to get 306 diamond blocks?
  3. I bought alot of diamonds back from my mine by my spawner. Some noob on SMP4 griefed my skeleton grinder.

    I bought a few stacks from other places.
  4. Sold to Qwertyip!
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  5. That guy is rich!
  6. I could have bought it how much for did uou sell ?
  7. Oh nvm buying it for 47r each (diamond) is the worst deal when you buy near 3000
  8. Qwerty Has Too Much Money!
  9. When I was reading this thread I found a diamond on xbox minecraft O_O I was like OMFG *derp*

    EDIT: It was 3 diamonds ( no iron pickaxe D: I only have 1 iron ore and then I mined 3-5 more blocks ahead of me and there is 1 more I see idk how many are there :eek:

    EDIT: 5 blocks away from the 2nd diamond ore spot I found I found iron :D