[Selling] 30 Silk Touch I Books

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  1. Individual price is 1,200r, 10 for 11,000r or all 30 for 30,000r

    Post below how many you would like to purchase :)
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  2. Sure :) I'll hang onto 10 for you until you get on :) haha
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  3. Kewl Ty
    There is a chance I won't be on till the weekends since school is back in session :( XD
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  4. That sucks :p But yeah thats fine! haha
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  5. One please!
  6. Sure! Im just grabbing some food, back in 15 to send you one!:)
    Edit: Mailed :) Pay 1,200r whenever you get a chance :)

    Still 19 books left :)
  7. Tell me when you want it :p