[Selling] 3 utopian spawners

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  1. These are in Utopia so you need to be a gold/diamond supporter to even use them. There are 3 within 1,000 metres of each other. 2 zombie and a skeleton. I am selling all 3 together, so don't ask for individual spawners. I am in the process of abandoning them because stupidity has overcome any hope of my building in the wild. One of the zombie spawners has been terraformed into a gravity trap, as well as the skellie one. The other zombie spawn I just found between the other 2 and took the floor. I am asking 1,000 rupees for all 3 and I will personally show you where they are.

    Sold to Herbrin3
  2. That's cheap.
  3. Because stupidity is going to cause the servers to reset so whoever buys them might only get a few weeks of activity from them until they are all gone and have to be refound
  4. I'll buy that for 1k.
  5. Then meet me in the wild spawn in utopia..
  6. Don't you think you are going a bit overboard. A reset has not even been announced. The amount of drama that have been in your past 5 or 6 threads have been worse than all the "stupid" arguments combined.

    Lighten up Darlin, you will enjoy life a whole lot more. :)
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  7. I agree with melodytune. Take some Vitameatavegimin and get over it.
  8. Besides, The wild won't reset unless majority asks for it, and from what I've seen, The majority is against it.
  9. Seeing the poll go from 51-13 to 63-35 in only about a day is very distressing as the number of people siding with the reset is growing faster than those opposed, and this is only with the unofficial vote.
  10. Well, anyway - I bought the co-ords from autumnrain26. Thank you.

    My own feeling about 1.3 is, "nobody knows". We may get a reset, we may not; it might be next week, it might be in October.

    Meanwhile, I'm gonna go dig holes and kill stuff.

    Autumnrain, thanks for a nice sale.
  11. Well, I'm voting against it, for everyone in the community.