[Selling] 3 Everlasting Axestoppers

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  1. what are they, what do they do, how did you get them, are they limited, how many do you have, do you think we can read your mind, why did you not post info?
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  2. No need to be rude sire. They are Unbreaking IV Eff V, they are from the 60k members sale, and obviously i have 3. There was absolutely no reason for that post.
  3. i had NO idea what they were. srry, i was rude
  4. Well a lot of people do. But like I said, the post you posted earlier came across as very rude. And there was absolutely no reason for it.
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  5. did you read my last post. did you? read it again.
  6. *Sigh* this conversation is done
  7. please stop jumping down my throat. anyways, 9k each? seems legit. i'll take one.
    meet me on smp9 right now
  8. That last post made it sound like you were dealing drugs...
  9. my dad jus read ur post over my shoulder, saw ur post, and laughed uncontrollably.
  10. tell your dad i approve