[SELLING] 2nd Anniversary Stuff and Others

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  1. 1x - Used Incitatus Spawn Egg
    1x - Un-used Incitatus Spawn Egg
    1x - Un-used Saltar Spawn Egg
    1x - Un-used Valens Spawn Egg
    3x - Stable Voucher
    1x - Independence Day Firework
    3x - Labor Bench
    7x - Gold Horse Armor

    EDIT: Please name your own prices. I will not respond to "How much for ___?"
  2. I'll buy the used Incitatus for 10k
  3. Chest set-up on 864. Please pay before taking it.
  4. How much for the unused saltar?
  5. How much for the iday firework?
  6. From top to bottom:
    8k each
    Not interested.
    5k each
    Not interested.

    Feel free to negotiate. :)
  7. 1.5k for the gold horse armour?
  8. How much for Unused Valens?
  9. I'll set up a chest at 864. Pay for what you take.

  10. Not gold horse armor, it was stable vouchers, and I'll pay 25k for the lot.

    And the rest of the things?
  11. That's what I meant...and yeah sure.
  12. Ok, where to pick up? I'll pay as soon as I can get on. As for the rest?
  13. 864.
    No thanks, sorry.
  14. 5k for the Independence day firework..?
  15. Okay, for the unused horse eggs, Ill go 14k each, and labor bench remains the same.
  16. Not trying to sell these items for cheap to a merchant :)
    Sorry, but they're all worth more, seeing as it's a discontinued, one-of-a-kind, rare item.
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  17. On the second thought, I'll sell all three to you for 39k. I've seen a few auctions with the price of these 14k and upwards.
  18. I will give you 14k for your unused Valens.
  19. Give you 9k for the iday firework?