[Selling] 22 DCS Of Bones

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Today I'm Selling 22 DCS of Bones OR 228 096 thousand bonemeal lol!

    I Will be Selling them by the DC, 1 DC of bones = 10368 bonemeal.

    I'm selling 2700 Per DC (2500 Per DC when purchasing 5 or more DC's) which I think is quite fair. Let me know how many DC(s) you would like to purchase.

    Pick up is at 8556, SMP4.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 2.35.31 pm.png
  2. Only 16 DC's Left!
  3. I'll buy 5 dc
  4. Okay after running rhinos order there are only 5 DCS Left!
  5. Ill buy 2 DC's
  6. Only 3 DCS left

    Kells if you would like to pickup now I'm on smp4 :)
  7. I will take the rest.
  8. RunningRhino = 5 Dc = 12 500r
    Kells18 = 2 Dc = 5 400r
    Ark_warrior1 = 3 Dc = 8 100r
  9. Everyone Kells18 has backed out she does not have enough rupees there are 2DCS left
  10. I'll take em both!
  11. Great that will be 5400r when payment is recieved a chest will be set up at 8556 smp4.
  12. could you set up access chest for ZandertheChamp? out in the wild on 4 :D
  13. Not out in the wild sorry.
  14. Once you have more, contact me :D

    I have no idea how I missed this thread before.
  15. I have not recieved payment from either Kells or running rhino, so I have 7 DCS left.
  16. I am sorry I will buy only 1 DC this time if you have any left. I didn't think i would need them but i do :)
  17. Do you have 1 DC I can buy?
  18. As a matter of fact I do
  19. Res?