[Selling]2015 Assorted Promos

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  1. These promos are all from 2015.

    I am looking to liquidate some stuff that has just been sitting around that I don't use. I don't need to get top dollar for these or even FMV but I don't want to be completely ripped off. That said, I only have the forums to reference prices as I'm not running around seeing what these items actually go for in promo shops today. Make an offer on the thread and we can discuss it in Pm if the offer is too low.

    Cupid egg(used)
    Cupid Bow(unused)
    Cupid arrows 5.5 stacks
    Love potion no 9
    Meteor Bow(unused)
    Empire Firework(unused)
    Pot of Gold(used, does it matter?)
    2015 Empire Birthday Cake
    Pi Pie
    Magical egg wand(unused)
    Gawadrolt's Voters Chest, Unused(I don't think that matters?)

    Also selling:

    3 Vault vouchers
    1 Stable voucher

    Edit: cupids bow is actually unused. Shows how much I pay attention
  2. U getting money hungry? Or u saving up for something
  3. meh, not really. Having some liquid capital sitting around for all those dyes and glass would be nice. I figured you and wyntyr were watching these things and figured i would end up handing most of it over or spending it on picks XD

    I still have lots of glass but not nearly enough I don't think. The dyes really are what is gonna get me I think.
  4. The cake isn't shiny, it isn't supposed to be shiny :eek:
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  5. I'll take the vault vouchers for 11.5k per.
  6. 3 vault vouchers sold and delivered. The funds have already been spent on god picks XD literally left from delivery to get the picks.
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  7. I'll take the love potion No.9 For 40k
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  8. I'll take the Meteor Bow for 20k
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  9. Love potion has been sent via mail to trucker. firstjugburgerz I would like to see you log on before I send you the meteor bow. You don't want the empire firework as well? From what I understand you shoot it from the meteor bow. Seems like the pair kind of go together but you are more than welcome to buy seperately :D
  10. I'll offer 10,000 rupees for the Stable Voucher.
  11. Stable voucher has been sold, paid for and delivered.
  12. Voters chest? I will give you 95k for the voters chest
  13. Chest has been sent for negotiated price and awaiting payment which was said to be tomorrow.
  14. Thanks for the offer but I'll just take the Meteor Bow. I'll pay you within the next hour
  15. How much for the pot of gold?
  16. 15k OBO

    Meteor bow sold, paid and delivered.
  17. Voters chest has been paid for
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