[Selling] 2014 ThanksGiving Promos!

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  1. I am selling the various Promotional items released by EMC for this holiday!


    2014 Turkey Slicer:
    120,000 Each!

    Feast for a King:
    100,000 Each!

    Cooked Turkey:
    10,000 Each!

    Stacked Cake*:
    (I have yet to see anyone mention these, so No determined price yet)


    I realize the prices are higher than anyone else's price, This is to hope other's will follow suit, and raise their prices! These items(excluding the turkey) are not exactly easy to obtain, feast chests are fairly rare, and turkey slicers seem to rarely drop at all...


    * Why is stacked cake on your list?
    Because, as far as i'm aware, this is the only way to get stacked cake, making it rare, and making it a promo in the sense they added it just for the holiday.

    I'm interested in buying some items, What res do I go to?
    None! =) PM me on the forums or ingame telling me what you want, and send me the rupees, I'll mail you the items shortly after that. =)

    Will you change your prices?
    Only if it is to raise the price =)
  2. Good luck finding buyers at these prices :)
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  3. I guess in a sense I am one of the Forum Police like Lukas3226 said please don't post other player threads about your prices. If you want member know about your pricing make a thread of your own.

    Cleaning up the thread...
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  4. Bump...Not because I think anyone will say anything positive about it....But because we need to raise the price!!! come on! Bring up the price of these things!
  5. I'm pretty sure one person posting high prices will not raise the prices, you may want to try buying up all the thanksgiving promos, and then when you have a good portion of the market you can sell for whatever you want. But one person demanding higher prices should in no way determine the price of another person's goods so long as there is one person willing to price competitively lower.
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  6. I honestly think people should stop abusing this thread, sure they might be high, but who are you to change that? Seriously just leave it guys, he has already stated he's not changing prices, so why would you try to make him?