[Selling][20 stacks] Netherwarts

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  1. I am selling 20 stacks of netherwarts for 8000r, please contact me to purchase!
  2. How much is one stack?
  3. 400r
  4. I will buy this and I would like to also pick up my snow, i will be back on in a 10 hours
  5. Sorry, faith caster took all my snow without paying. And that was the last of my snow :(
  6. do you still have the netherwart?
  7. I'll take 1 stack. I will be by your res to pick it up.
  8. this means i want all that was offered on the post thank you
  9. I still have the nether warts!
  10. where can I buy? Be on in 30 minz :D
  11. 20 stacks? wow nice :)
  12. I will meet you on smp9 if you wanna buy or any other servers
  13. sorry I can't get on and I won't be back for 2 weeks going to DC for a vaca! wooo! I bet a lot of others will be interested tho :)
  14. Nice!!!!!!
  15. Can i buy nether warts
  16. I will take them for 7k if they are still available.
  17. Sure I have tons!
  18. Yes you can!