[Selling] 2 Stacks of Diamond Blocks

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  1. I have 2 stacks of diamond blocks that I will sell for 51k first come first serve at 8017 on smp4. That is 45r each!
  2. Hmm... now this is tempting. Pretty good deal
  3. Feel free to buy ;)
  4. If only I had the money......... :(, I'm close though
  5. I just sold 2 stacks of diamond blocks but I have 2 more and I will let them go let me know if you want to buy
  6. I am at work, but I will buy them. Can you hold them for me? I'm at work for another 4 hours.
  7. There goes your 100k club...
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  8. This is true LOL
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  9. Ok I will hold them. When will you be back?
  10. I am off work in 2 hours and will log on when I get home to stop by your res.
  11. I am at your res, but nobody is here :(
  12. Mr Tomato, I'm in your shop, but you have no sign on your diamond blocks.
  13. I am sorry I had to go to work suddenly, when will you be on again?
  14. Ahaha I would be interested if you get anymore.

    By the way Bob. Is there any chance you could change your res's title at the front? It's just that I see where you got it from and the idea is to make a "SMPxMall" franchise on each server
  15. I will ;) Only because it is closed.
  16. Thanks man :) It's really appreciated and will be remembered :p
  17. 45 rupees is a fairly highish price per diamond at this time, myself and others sell them at around 37r - 42r, if anyone is interested you should first take a look around other peoples shops before accepting a ginormous offer as this.
  18. Actually, 45 is average. You and the people your talking about are not making as much profit as you should be. But, I've been on a diamond buying spree lately so feel free to PM me with the shop locations ;) I'll keep a secret.

    Alex, if you could hold onto these for a bit, I'd definitely buy them. I only bought 4180 diamonds so far in the last few days :(
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  19. I have moar ;)
  20. I have 5 more stacks of diamond blocks first come first serve pm if you want to buy