[Selling] 2 Haunted Heads!

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  1. Hey EMC! So I have 2 unwanted halloween promo haunted heads! I would like to sell them. If you are interested in buying please pm me and we can discuss prices and all that fun stuff :). I at least would like 10k for each (at least!) so i will take the highest offer i can get. Please when you start the convo make sure I can invite others, that way I can see what the highest offer is and you guys can too. :D

    make sure to check out my auction too :)
  2. Bump this is 2 rare items we are talking about here. Make some offers :)
  3. 10k for promos (which are free) I never seen that,my advice is to wait a couple of months for the price can go higher..
  4. I see but i dont like to hang onto them incase the price drops
  5. Look at those promo horses ( Before 10k --> Now 15-20k)...
  6. I see but look at for instance a beacon (ik its not promo) it used to be 11k. Now barely 8.5k
  7. These heads, free candy\o3o/ (Money makers...)..
  8. Is the candy worth anything? I have some but idk what its worth