Selling 2 double chests of ender pearls

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  1. i have 5 chests of ender pearls for sale. all necessary details below.

    Amount: 137 stacks of 16... 2192 pearls total

    Asking Price: 35072R -> 16R each.

    Post if you want them / negotiations.
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  2. Did you kill alot of endermin?:)
  3. I'd put the price a little lower, to let's say, 15-20k to get someone that'd want to buy. Selling just enderpearls for 43k is asking a little too much and I personally believe 16.5r is a high price for just one enderpearl.
  4. updated amounts
  5. Ooooooh I think I'll buy
  6. if you want it i still have them
  7. I just have to check 1 thing I'll tell you tomorow
  8. Sold for a negotiated price to call_me_dejaja for 30,688R
  9. Awwwwwwwwwwww