Selling 2 Diamond Pickaxes

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  1. There are two diamond pickaxes including in the sale, one with:
    Unbreaking 3
    Efficiency 4
    Silk Touch
    And the other one has:
    Fortune 2
    The first one I am selling for 15-17.5k, while the second one I am selling for 2500.
    Thanks everyone!

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  2. I'll buy fortune 2 for 1,500 r
  3. Will you go up to 2000?
  4. Um ok how about 2000r?
  5. Um ok how about 2000r?
  6. Ok, 2000r will do. When I receive the payment I will put up a chest for you on my res:
    SMP4, res number 8426
  7. Actually nah. I don't want to buy it
  8. you should think about things before you make your decisions...