[selling] 2 DC'S of Promos

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  1. to much to list View the items at 18005

    Edit: listing some

    no set prices taking offers

    27 stacks of Cupid arrows
    Maxarian head
    2014 rememberence poppy
    2014 birth day cake
    6 avalauchers
    4 pairs of marlix pants
    2 Mineral Mincers

    And More
  2. Can you at least put on some screenshots? I play at smp9 frontier so I can't go to town there : /
  3. Listed Biggest Items
  4. viewed them. would you happen to have any pots of gold?
  5. 10k for the 12 soulbound cows & 5 soulbound sheep
  6. No sorry

    Come to my res
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  7. Mineral Mincer?