[Selling] 2 DC full horse eggs

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  1. 2 DC's full horse eggs with random stats.
    90% is above 100% speed, max. speed is 116%.
    Total of 108 horse eggs.

    Now for just 2500r.

    Pick up is on smp4
  2. Okay, I'll buy and pay later tofay or tomorrow :)
  3. Ok, come to smp4 then 8082 or +race
  4. smp4 8082 go to the middle on ground floor. Take the stairs down with orange sand path or use the teleport that has a item frame with a diamond in it and saying teleport to middle.
    There are 2 chests ready for pick up.

  5. You still want them?
    Any other person interested. I still have them.
  6. I'm so sorry for delay, coming on now got caught up in other things
  7. You come pick up the rest?