[Selling] 2 Beacons - 14.5k Each

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  1. Pretty basic stuff. I'm selling 2 beacons for 14.5k each at res 3742 on smp2. The shop is a double chest visible from the entrance. First come first serve. If you have trouble or questions, just PM me.

    Edit: New price is 13.5k!b
    Both beacons are sold. Thank you.
  2. Bump. Two beacons. 14.k each.
    13.5k each.
  3. Bump. I lowered the price to 13.5k. Get them while they last! Again, it's res # 3742 on smp2!
    In retrospect, I shouldn't have included the old price in the title...
  4. Update: Both beacons sold.