[Selling] 2 Aikar Heads

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  1. I killed Aikar 2 times, and been wanting to do something for a friend. So tell me offers for 1 head because I might sell 1 head to 2 different players.
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  2. Can we see a picture of them?
  3. im willing to pay 100k for it if you don't get any better offers.
  4. I will sell both right now.
  5. 100k for both, or 100k each? I will be able to pay in an hour or so.
  6. I'll be willing to trade some promos for one. :c
  7. Each
  8. Selling to 2 different players? I will buy the other if you still have it, for 100k :)
  9. Still do! I will .p you and go to that server. Also, Slash NathanRP offered 150k but he has to get the money. So you still have a chance, I am going to do it whoever can send the complete payment first.
  10. So I assume trade is off and it only can be bought?
  11. Correct, sorry for not replying to your first post
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  12. Paid.
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  13. Both heads are sold, may a staff please close the thread?